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VIA Library policies


It is free of charge to use the VIA library facilities and to borrow materials.

To borrow materials you have to be registered. You can use your Health Insurance Card as your library card.  Please notify the library of changes of address.

Returning and renewing
The loan period for books is normally one month. Shorter loan periods can occur for other materials. For interlibrary loans from other libraries, the loan period at the library in question applies.

The loan period will appear from the loan receipt.

If you wish to extend the loan period, you can do this yourself using the library homepage. If others have not reserved the material, you can renew your loan.

Materials can be reserved and a notification will be sent to the e-mail address we have registered when the material can be collected.

Exceeding the loan period
If the loan period is exceeded, an overdue notice is sent. Exceeding the loan period results in a fee.

1. Overdue notice is issued the day after the loan period is exceeded: DKK 0
2. Overdue notice is issued 7 days after the loan period is exceeded: DKK 25
 3. Overdue notice is issued 15 days after the loan period is exceeded: DKK 50 

A reminder to pay damages is issued per letter 7 days after the third overdue notice and damages are set at the amount of the purchasing price of the book + already imposed fees + an administration fee of DKK 150.

The account is cancelled for further borrowing. If the material has not been returned after 14 days an invoice is sent. If the material is still not handed in the case is turned over to the Danish tax authorities.

If the materiale is lost or damaged, you have to replace it.

If you have an outstanding amount of DKK 200 or more, you cannot borrow any materials from the library.

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