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Guidelines for scanning and photocopying of text or print of digital material for educational use, including storage at Studienet, powerpoints and interactive boards.
The creator/copyright holder has the exclusive right to use and decide con-cerning his ”creation” i.e. the picture, text, drawing, music etc. As a starting point it is thus not allowed to use or copy the material of others without the permission of the creator/copyright holder. 
VIA has from the 1 January 2013 made an agreement about copying of copyright material with Copydan.
The agreement with Copydan gives permission to the following in connection with material for educational use:
Up to 20% of the material, but no more than 30 pages of the same material per student every six months, can be photocopied.
It is allowed to copy at least four pages of any material.
  • The format of scanned documents must be ”locked” e.g. in a pdf format; in this way the scanned text cannot be altered.
  • Files must be stored at Studienet and protected with an access code and cannot be sent by text message or e-mail.
  • Prints from databases where payment is required cannot be scanned.
  • Newpapers and magazines cannot be scanned; it is only allowed to photocopy these or print directly from the internet.
  • E-books sold in chapters cannot be copied. An updated list of E-books published in chapter can be found at www.teksognode.dk/ebog.
The source must always be stated on the photocopy: author, title, publisher, year. 
Concerning journals a percentage is calculated, the 20% of the total volume of the journal.
Digital articles are stored at Studienet with a link to the article.
Laws, administrative regulations, court decisions and similar public documents are not comprised by copyright and can be stored at Studienet. 
Scanned articles ordered from another library cannot be forwarded or stored at Studienet.
For internal administrative purposes, the VIA agreement only allows photoco-pying of printed material and print of digital material. Administrative users in VIA are not allowed to produce digital copies for internal administrative use. However, it is allowed to produce digital copies for presentation tools.
Read more about the agreement here: (Only in Danish)
Copying for private use (only in Danish)
Revised 21.11.13 jeb og mai