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Best Evidence encyclopedia

Best Evidence Encyclopedia

Reviews off programs for education
Center for Kliniske Retningslinjer

Center for Kliniske Retningslinjer - Nationalt Clearinghouse for Sygepleje

Clinical guidelines (website is currently only avaliable in danish)
Dansk Clearinghouse for Uddannelsesforskning

Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research

The clearinghouse tries to find out "what works" in learning and education
Education Counts

Education Counts

information on education statistics and education research in New Zealand.
EPPI Centre

EPPI Centre (The Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and co-ordinating centre)

The purpose of the EPPI Centre is to provide politicians and professionals with solid evidence within the area of education.
SFI Cambell

SFI Cambell

What works in social welfare and policy?
What Works Clearinghouse

What Works Clearinghouse (WWC)

information to decision-makers in the field of education
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